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March 2018


Siberian cold air has reached Scandinavia in late February and early March. For first time in 12 years we experienced dial temperatures below 0 in March. Lakes and streams around Copenhagen were frozen and the swimming birds were gathering in lakes with open water. Predicting the flying direction of the birds towards the hole in the ice was easy. It gave me the opportunity to rehearse shooting birds in flight, which is not my special skills. Find the new photos in the News Gallery on Flickr: NEWS.

December 2017


In late December, I was lucky to meet the Pygmy owl in the forest. I got some nice portraits of the little predator while he was inspecting potential nesting holes or storing food for winter. The male is territorial and may use the same nesting territory for several years. Last spring the owls were displaced by the great spotted woodpecker – watch the video from May further below. Find the new owl portraits in my News Gallery on Flickr: NEWS.

October 2017


This summer and fall, I have tested my new neutral density filter, or ND filter. The filter reduces or modifies the intensity of all wavelengths of light equally, giving no changes in hue of color rendition. The purpose of the ND filter is to reduce the amount of light entering the lens allowing to select long exposure times that would otherwise produce overexposed pictures. The effect I have tried to achieve is motion blur of standing and running water. I have used a Lee Big Stopper (10 stops) and approx. 15-30 sec. exposure time in most pictures. See more pictures in my News Gallery on Flickr: NEWS.

July 2017


Over one year I have captured wildlife on my cheap trail camera at my property in Southern Sweden. Not overwhelmingly good picture quality but great fun to follow the night-life in the local forest. I have selected clips with seven common species: Wild boar, Red fox, Pine Marten, Eurasian badger, Elk/moose, Roe deer, and common buzzard. Note when the red fox shows up with two puppies that are chasing and playing with each other in front of the camera. The videos were captured between June 2016 and July 2017. (04:45 min).

May 2017


As mentioned below, I was expecting an amazing spring with pictures of the pygmy owls and their chicks in the nest. However, again this year the small owls lost the competition for the nesting tree to the great spotted woodpecker and disappeared. I have mixed a short video from the days in April when the owls were mating and preparing the nest. You will also see the female owl inside the hole defending the nest from the intruding woodpecker.

April 2017


Suddenly appears the Pygmy owls in the forest – as out of nowhere. All winter I have been searching and listening after the owls but with no success. This morning, April 10th, I heard the characteristic communication between male and female before mating. The birds were chasing each other in a rather dense conifer forest, and the mating took place in a not very suitable position for photography. After mating, I could follow the owls to the (hopefully) new nesting hole in an old aspen. Same scenario occurred last year but unfortunately the birds disappeared shortly after. The competition with the great spotted woodpecker for a nesting hole was tuff and besides the sparrow hawk was very active in the forest last year. This year I am crossing fingers and looking forward to follow the family over the spring. Go to the Gallery...

December 2016


The Hawk-owls (Surnia ulula) are again on winter visit in Denmark. One of them was resting in Kongelunden near Copenhagen Airport. As in the former years (2012, 2014) these owls will probably be among the best documented birds in Denmark. The Hawk-owl is a northern bird, and the population fluctuates greatly from year to year following the rodent populations. After a successful breeding season in combination with break down in the rodent populations, especially juveniles may occur far outside the breeding area during winter. Here you will find my portraits of the owl, along with a short video from December 23rd. Go to gallery.